The Proclym team is a dynamic group of individuals united by their passion for cycling. Each member contributes a unique set of skills and experiences, making Proclym a comprehensive resource for cycling enthusiasts across different niches within the cycling community

Youssef Khoury

Cycling Enthusiast

Youssef, a 30-year-old fitness trainer and avid cyclist based in California, brings her passion for health and wellness to the Proclym community. With a background in personal training, Youssef shares her insights on fitness routines, nutrition, and the joy of cycling as a holistic approach to well-being.

Makayla Jackson

Mountain Biking Expert

Makayla, a 35-year-old outdoor enthusiast and experienced mountain biker from Colorado, is Proclym's go-to expert for all things related to mountain biking. With years of trail exploration under her belt, Makayla shares her expertise on trail guides, gear essentials, and techniques for conquering challenging terrains.

Emma Davis

Urban Cycling Advocate

Emma, a 28-year-old urban planner and cycling advocate based in New York City, is passionate about making cities more bike-friendly. With a focus on urban cycling, Emma shares tips on commuting, city bike tours, and advocates for safer and more accessible cycling infrastructure.

Carlos Santos

Bikepacking Explorer

Carlos, a 30-year-old adventure seeker and software engineer from Texas, is Proclym's bikepacking expert. With a love for multi-day cycling adventures, Carlos shares his experiences, essential gear guides, and tips for planning memorable bikepacking trips.

Skylar Chen

Cycling Adventure Enthusiast

Skylar Chen, an avid cyclist and adventure enthusiast, is passionate about exploring the scenic routes and challenging terrains. With a background in environmental science, Skylar combines his love for cycling with a commitment to sustainable practices, often sharing insights on eco-friendly biking and the importance of preserving nature.

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